You are dead (well, almost)

You’ve seen human skulls, right? Well, look in a mirror, and imagine your own skull. Can you see it underneath your skin? Once you do, notice how your eyes suddenly look like gelatinous blobs, how your skin looks like a leathery cover for the macabre structure beneath it, how your hair seems like so much extraneous fluff stuck on top.

Now take any type of food, and watch yourself eat it. See your fleshy lips surround the food as you place it in your mouth. Watch your cheeks and gums as you chew it. Consider that you need to do this several times a day just to remain alive.

I’m having a very existential moment right now.

Great Customer Service

I work for a company for which customer service is the fundamental tenet, so when I see it in other companies, I really appreciate it. So I have to give big props to HomeDepot for their customer service. I’m remodeling my kitchen, and have spent quite a bit of money with them over the past few months, and this ensures that I’ll continue to do so in the future.

I bought the cabinets for the kitchen from them, and they were delivered about a month ago. If you know anything about cabinet installation, the base cabinets are installed last, to make it easier to work with the wall cabinets. So over the weekend I unpacked the cabinets, only to find that two of them were broken. One looked like it had been dropped on its corner, and another looks like it had been struck on the side. Both were unusable.

I went back to the store where I had bought them, and explained the situation. My designer, Paul, was very understanding, and told me to bring them back and they would exchange them for new cabinets. I mentioned that that would be difficult to do with my Honda Civic, so he offered to deliver the replacements to my house first thing Monday morning, and pick up the damaged cabinets. And yesterday he did just that. I now have two good cabinets, along with a great deal of gratitude to Home Depot for doing the right thing by me.